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Live Young Oral HGH Chewable Tablets Are Now Available

You can look and feel younger than ever before with this new, revolutionary anti-aging factor! TriMedica Live Young Oral Human Growth Hormone has been clinically proven in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials to reverse common signs of aging!

Live Young Oral HGH Is Clinically Proven To:
* Dramatically Alleviate Common Signs of Aging 
* Increase Energy
* Reduce Body Fat
* Increase Lean Muscle Mass

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What Is Live Young Oral HGH? Live Young Oral HGH is a revolutionary new class of medicines that combine todays most advanced molecular biotechnology, basic homeopathic principles and special processing to help produce a greater sense of physical and mental well-being and to reverse many seemingly irreversible symptoms of aging. This amazing new formula has been studied in double-blind, placebo clinical trials, showing extraordinary effectiveness in restoring optimum functioning, physical appearance, energy levels, mental clarity and lean body mass in aging patients.

How Does HGH Work? When we are young, a substance in our bodies called human growth hormone triggers the release of many critical growth factors, including a substance called insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Along with HGH, IGF-1 controls cell growth and cell responsiveness, allowing us the energy and optimum functioning our bodies need to mature. After the age of 30, IGF-1 and HGH levels decrease, and aging cells enter into and remain in a “resting phase,” which results in greater fatigue, slower healing and other symptoms of aging. This slower growth of cells during the aging process is one of the primary reasons that our muscular strength, stamina, mental clarity and sense of well-being decrease with age. HGH is one of many endocrine hormones like DHEA, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that decrease in production as we age.

But HGH reaches far beyond any of these other hormones to help prevent biological aging and to significantly reverse a broad range of the signs and symptoms of aging. Injections of HGH in clinical trials have shown often amazing results, turning flabby, frail, fat-bulging individuals into sleeker, stronger, younger bodies

This proven formula can also help repair DNA. Until now, antioxidants like vitamin C and E have helped to limit damage to DNA and boost immune systems. But HGH does much more than this. It can actually help cells repair themselves prior to cell division. It does this by triggering the transport of amino acids and nucleic acids into the nucleus of cells, where the DNA lives. This activity gives the cell the material needed to repair damaged DNA and restore the cell-division process.

How Is LiveYoung Oral HGH Different From Injected HGH?

First of all, TriMedica LiveYoung Oral HGH is the first oral HGH ever that meets the fundamental principals of homeopathy. LiveYoung is a dilute HGH that can provide the same amazing benefits found in synthetic injectable HGH without the exorbitant costs ($800 per month for injectable HGH) and dangerous side effects of synthetic HGH. Also, LiveYoung Oral HGH is clinically proven through double blind placebo-controlled studies to increase lean muscle mass and energy, decrease body fat, as well as provide a host of other remarkable health benefits!

In three separate clinical studies, LiveYoung homeopathic Human Growth Hormone was found to provide such benefits as increased lean body mass, improved energy levels, weight loss, increased libido, improved skin softness and decreased body fat. In one of the studies, an 8 to 23 percent increase in critical Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) levels was found! In another double-blind study, 80 test subjects between the ages of 29 and 67 years old were given Live Young chewable tablets three times a day for 21 days. The results of this clinical study demonstrated significant effects. Body weight, body fat and blood pressure decreased significantly, while lean body mass was reproducibly increased. Body composition, energy levels, mental clarity and sleep quality also improved remarkably. Another study included 46 test subjects 19 to 59 years old who chewed one tablet of Live Young formula three times a day. These participants also saw increases in lean body mass and libido, improvements in skin softness and decreases in body fat.

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